My Journey on Overcoming
Anxiety as a Software Developer

My Journey on Overcoming Anxiety as a Software Developer

I share my story about stress and anxiety and how I managed to overcome it

I can only code no more than 2 hours a day, laying in my bed and with a video playing in the background so I don’t feel lonely!

That was a typical day in my life 5 years ago.

I used to experience panic attacks, migraines, and constant fear. I couldn't focus on coding for more than two hours a day, and I had trouble sleeping due to panic attacks. At the time, I didn't even know what anxiety was or how to deal with it.

It wasn't just one cause that contributed to my anxiety. Unrealistic deadlines, underpaid work, the constant pressure to keep up with industry trends, and neglecting other important aspects of my life, such as family and hobbies, all played a role.

My Healing Journey

But one day, I stumbled upon a YouTube video about anxiety and decided to take control of my mental health. I started making small, positive changes to my daily routine, including meditating, practicing yoga, going to therapy, and exercising.

Over time, these changes created a snowball effect, and I started to see improvements in my overall well-being. I even started traveling the world as a nomad, scuba-diving with manta rays and turtles, hiking volcanoes, and going on a road trip across Bali with my wife.

Of course, it wasn't easy, and I had to step out of my comfort zone to make progress. But I'm proud to say that my commitment and hard work have paid off, and I'm now a better husband, entrepreneur, friend, and developer.

Some tips from me

I know that I'm not alone in my struggles, and I've heard many other developers share similar stories of burnout, imposter syndrome, and perfectionism. That's why I want to share some tips that helped me overcome anxiety and reduce stress:

  • Start practicing mindfulness, such as daily meditation. I recommend using a meditation app like Headspace, Waking Up, or finding guided meditations on YouTube.

  • Reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake and replace them with calming teas like chamomile, moringa, and mint.

  • Incorporate exercise into your routine. Even just 5-15 minutes a day can make a difference. Find a pace that works for you and try out different routines to find what you enjoy.

These are just a few tips that worked for me, and I encourage you to try out different techniques and find what works best for you. Remember, small changes can lead to big improvements in your overall well-being.

How to overcome anxiety?

If you want to learn more about my journey with anxiety and how I overcame it, check out my longer blog post where I dive deep into Anxiety and ways to overcome it:

In the original post, I talk about the various causes of my anxiety, including unrealistic deadlines, being a perfectionist, and neglecting important things like family and hobbies. I also share some of the things that helped me overcome anxiety, such as therapy, yoga, and spiritual practices. It wasn't an easy road, but it was worth it.

Remember, you're not alone in dealing with anxiety as a Software Developer. By taking small steps and being kind to yourself, you can overcome anxiety and start living the life you want!